2019 Meetings

Date Time  Speaker  Meeting Topic
2/28/2019 Dinner  Trista Carpenter Work Smart, Not Hard
3/28/2019 Lunch  Glenn Hopper The Future of Pay
4/25/2019 Dinner  Paul Gill, CPP

Management-Leadership-Mentor: Be the Manager People Want to Work For!

5/23/2019 Breakfast  Kelly Klitz, CPP Communicating Effectively and Confidently
6/27/2019 Dinner  Natalie Lopez, CPP Managing Virtual Teams and Staying Connected
7/25/2019 Dinner Martha Baxter Payroll Professional Branding-What's It All About?
8/22/2019 Lunch Jody Young with Higginbotham  
9/6/2019 Dinner  NPW National Payroll Week
10/24/2019 Dinner

Amber Morris with Immedis

11/14/2019 Lunch Steve McDonald with Rapid!  
12/5/2019 Dinner   Awards Night