2018 Meetings


Date Time  Speaker  Meeting Topic
2/22/2018 Dinner  Carolyn Cox, CPP &   Natalie Lopez, CPP  Tax Reform and Its Impact on Fringe Benefits
3/22/2018 Lunch  Stacy Edick  Compensation:  A Breakdown of Equity
4/26/2018 Dinner  Amber Smith-Morris  How to Survive a Global Payroll Implementation
5/24/2018 Lunch  Jeff Williams General Data Protection Regulations
6/28/2018 Dinner  Martha Baxter Who's on First - HR-Payroll Relationships
7/26/2018 Lunch  Steve McDonald  Pay Cards
8/16/2018 Dinner  Jill Chapman  GForces at Work
9/7/2018 Dinner  NPW  National Payroll Week
10/25/2018 Dinner  Jody Young  Benefit Update
11/15/2018 Dinner  Gerald Whittmore, CPP  Exploring the Root Cause
12/6/2018 Dinner  Christine Stolpe, CPP  Awards Night